Sunday, October 22, 2006

Update- Fourth chemo finished

Last week we had the fourth round of chemo. This is a different type of chemo. It is two days of carboplatin and thiotepa, a day of rest and then the stem cell transplant. It was less intense in terms of vomiting for him. The interesting thing is you have to bathe him every four to six hours in order for the chemo not to sit on his skin. It can cause sores and a burn. So Mason was the cleanest boy on the planet last week. He has had some more post chemo vomiting every day. We were in a restaurant the night he was released and the smells bothered him and he threw up all over. You have to have a good sense of humor about it all. He was pretty mad he couldn't eat his pasta and we had go home and shower.
Otherwise, we are all doing fine. Mason played in his soccer game yesterday. Mateo scored three goals at his game. Mason will go to school again later this week when his counts are back up. He is very excited about it and there are a few boys from his soccer team in his class. He did experience someone making fun of him being bald at his soccer game this week, but he recovered quickly, especially when Mateo told him some kids are stupid. Good to have a big brother to defend him.
So this week will be just watching his blood counts and a clinic visit on Thursday if he has no fever. We should be home most of the week.

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