Thursday, November 30, 2006

A big accomplishment

Today we finish out last round of high dose chemo/stem cell rescue. The next step will be an MRI in two weeks and then send films to NY and Boston to make final decisions about radiation. We will do 7 months of low dose chemo no matter what happens. We are relieved this hurdle has been passed and we can move on to the next step.

This round went well. Mason did fine. He actually had to have an x-ray of his foot from all his activity with his cousins and friends. All is fine, just a bruised foot from his kamikaze stair jumping.

A wonderful hospital story: Mason was coming back from x-ray and he got sick in the hallway. He had thrown up in a towel and we were waiting for the nurseto bring a bucket. A little African American girl, around age 8 name Kwanje, came out and said " Here Mason, here's a bucket. Don't worry it happens to all of us." She rubbed his shoulder while we cleaned him up. Angels comes in all shapes in sizes. She is a cancer patient here who Mason has played with a few times. What an act of kindness.

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Kristy Fortman said...

Congrats Mason! I am still sending all of the positive energy I can genrate your way. I hope you all have a great Christmas. I will head back to see the fam in Colorado. Always thinking of you guys!