Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Mason has been taking the low-dose chemo for almost two weeks. He takes the three pills pretty easily with apple juice. At first his balance seemed to be affected by the chemo. He fell at least 2 to 3 times a day the first week. It was heart stopping. We almost put a helmet on him! The Accutane makes his skin dry and his nose peels and he has some dry skin around his mouth. He has some nausea but not much and the meds take care of that.

We had a trip to the emergency room last night for fever. They drew blood to check for bacteria(which was negative), got some antibiotics, and we were able to come home. Mason was happy he did not have to go to school today and got to hang out and play school with Francisca. Mommy slept as it was a late night, and she needed a serious nap by mid-day.

The next MRI is scheduled for March 7. It is tough for all of us not to worry too much and keep a normal life going. We manage as best we can, play lots of soccer and just try our best to enjoy every day we have together as a family.

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