Thursday, March 15, 2007

Radiation process begins

We went on Monday to his appointment at NIH. NIH does all of Children's radiation. He had to have his mask made to keep his head still during treatment and some scans to merge with the MRI. Amazingly, Mason did not have to be sedated. The mask process was a little freaky for us to watch. It is warm plastic webbing that has holes to breathe through and it dries on your face while it makes the mold. He tolerated it and stayed still when they did the body positioning cast as well. He was the first four year old ever to do that for them and he was very proud of himself. We are hoping he will not have to be sedated for most of his treatments so he not have to get a line put in his arm for six weeks. I think he can do it- he hates being sedated. He was funny about the marks they made with a paint pen on his belly. He wanted to make sure Francisca wouldn't wash them off.

Today they do the first treatment. Everyone think cancer stomping thoughts!

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