Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We keep on fighting!!!

Despite the awful news last week, we continue to keep life as normal as possible. We closed on our home and have moved in. The boys love it and are enjoying the space. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends here in DC. They helped us move in and lent such a hand Saturday. Thank you Thank You Thank you!

Mason started his chemo Monday. He continues to have some bathroom problems and has to be catheterized a couple of times a day. He is on steroids- so at least he is eating like a champ. He has eaten more chicken and broccoli Chinese food in the past week than he has eaten in his lifetime. The ladies at the Chinese food place give him extra chicken and take care of him.

We have done our due diligence in terms of other opinions and so far the plan will be to have him be on Temodar for one or two rounds to get him to the clinical trial. He has to be 12 weeks post radiation for the trial so the chemo covers him before that. Radiation was not an option as it would not be strong enough to deal with the tumor and the chance for paralysis and toxicity was too high. They cannot operate due to its location.

So we continue to look for a miracle. We keep smiles on our faces for him and try and live life as best we can. He and we all deserve that.

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cristina garza said...

No olviden que siempre están en nuestro corazón y en nuestras oraciones, para que mason salga adelante y a ustedes les siga dando Dios las fuerzas que necesitan en este largo camino.
Un beso a todos(kirk,mateo,francisca y a ti)
Los queremos mucho
cristina , paco,fer y renata.