Monday, August 20, 2007

Steel Magnolias moment

For anyone who had to be an advocate for someone or had to respond in times of stress you'll appreciate the reference.

The scene:
Friday, Mason had a friend over and starting yelling about being in pain. Fast forward and he is writhing in pain b/c he cannot pee. We call the doc and catheterize him to relieve pain. He falls asleep from crying so much.

We wound up in the ER to test his urine later that night. He had to lie down on the seat b/c he was in pain while Mom was on the phone with her friend Mary trying to strategize what to advocate at the hospital for him. We get there he is still not great but the medicine we gave him at home begins to kick in and the we get a urine sample. Mason informs the nurse that only his mom will catheterize him, not her. Very politely and clearly.

ER doc and mom exchange glances knowing what all this urine retention, possible infection could mean. Very nice and helpful. Shift change and I get a new young nurse. I go and ask about the urine test results, She comes back in and says"my! he looks just fine. Mom you should NOT jump to conclusions on what this means. etc etc etc BLAH BLAH BLAH. "

Mom tries to remain polite and calm and quietly says- "I appreciate that and yes he looks fine, but you have no idea." Meanwhile in my head I am screaming at her- FINE you think this is fine? Is it fine that this sweet little boy may have another recurrence? Is it fine that he only wants to be at his brother's soccer game tonight instead of sitting in an ER bay? Is it fine that he was writhing in pain calling for his daddy and mommy to help him only two hours ago? And many other profanities in my head to respond to her comment.

But Mommy kept it together smiled and made sure we got out of there as soon as we could. The ER doctor gave me a big hug before we left and just met my eyes and said Hang in there.

Just reminded me of that scene in Steel Magnolias when she loses it in the end with her friends. Not sure why but it did.

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