Friday, September 14, 2007

The next round begins

We started the SAHA clinical trial on Thursday. Mason got a bit upset before we left for the hospital as he thought that he was going to get the chemo that really made him throw up. We assured him this was not like those times and that he would only have to take some medicine and hang out all day get blood drawn from his arm. Not thrilled about that but okay with it. The IV took two sticks which he wasn't happy about. But he cooperated all day. It was the first time he had been hooked up to an IV in months. We saw alot of the nurses from the inpatient side. It was bittersweet since so many said he looked wonderful and great- yet we had to tell them it was another recurrence that brought us there. So Mom and Mason hung out at the hospital from 8am to 7pm. A long long day.

He will take two pills a day for 28 days. He will have an MRI to check everything on the 11th. Any growth and he will be taken off the trial. They say we will see neurological changes if he progresses any more. The spots on his cerebullum- if they grow- could affect his facial expression, hearing and sight. We hope this trial works.

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