Friday, September 14, 2007

An update on the Celebration of Life Fund

We just wanted to share with you some of the things the fund has allowed to do in recent months since it began. Danielle was able to work part time in the month of August. The fund covered some of the financial deficit this created. On a brighter note, Danielle took the boys to the pool and other outings. We also went to the county fair with Francisca and Monica at the end of August. We also used the fund to take Mason to the DC United game for his birthday with his friends.

We will continue to use this money wisely and use it to provide flexibility as the need to take more time off care for Mason this month begins.

We appreciate everyone who has given support to us both emotionally and financially. We cannot express how much this has helped us lately and has given us some peace of mind as we face the coming months in this battle.

With all our gratitude,
Danielle and Kirk


Leayellowrose said...

Hey guys...
got caught up on a couple of weeks back, till now...
Not sure what to say, just know that Julian and I are kepping you guys in our thoughts.
hugs from Texas
Mimi and Juju (cp juliansworld)

khmerlandia said...

you all are in my thoughts and prayers a lot these days.

Miss Kristin