Monday, October 22, 2007

A wonderful celebration of Mason's life

On Saturday, we drove back to DC. In the afternoon, we had Mason's Celebration of Life service. We shared stories about Mason, read letters from Mom and Dad and Francisca, shared the slide show of his life, ate his favorite foods, filled in stars that told what we were going to do in honor of Mason's life and planted an oak tree.

The service was so beautiful and the kids brought so much to it. Sean and Ciara, friends of Mason, read two books. Mason's soccer coaches shared their thoughts about him, and our friends from overseas did as well.

It was a gorgeous day, sunny and crisp. With the leaves changing it was really beautiful. After the service, the kids played soccer and released a lot of energy. It was wonderful.

We went to the DC United game afterward with family and friends.

We will post the video from the service if we can, and some photos as well. The pictures really do tell a wonderful story of how much Mason was loved.

Mateo last night said to Mom "So many people have helped us" I said "yes that's right we are really lucky to have such good friends" He said- "yes we are."

Thank you to everyone who came, who helped, who organized, who spoke - so many of you.

Many people have asked how are we even able to stand and function. It is our friends and family who are holding us up with their love and support. We could not be functioning without all of you caring for us.

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